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18 tháng 6, 2009

Download Handbook về Quản lý sản xuất

1. Handbook of Production Management Methods (PDF File)

by Halevi Gideon

Handbook of Production Management Methods

“Manufacturing processes require a knowledge of many disciplines, including
design, process planning, costing, marketing, sales, customer relations, costing, purchasing, bookkeeping, inventory control, material handling, shipping and so on. It is unanimously agreed that each discipline in the manufacturing process must consider the interests of other disciplines. These interests of the different disciplines may conflict with one another, and a compromise must be made. Managers and the problems they wish to solve in their organization set particular requirements, and compromises are made by ‘weighting’ each of these requirements. Different organizations will have different needs and thus differently weighted requirements….”

2. Selecting the Right Manufacturing Improvement Tools (PDF File)
by Ron Moore

Selecting the Right Manufacturing Improvement Tools

“Manufacturing companies are deluged with various improvement tools. These are characterized as tools, methods, techniques, technologies, processes, practices, systems, and perhaps by other names that do not immediately come to mind. For purposes of this book, although not fully adequate, I w^ill typically use the word “tools.” SIRF-Roundtables, a networking organization of over 100 companies in Australia, surveyed its members and developed a listing of some 75 of these so-called tools …”

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