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Project Management for Construction/Quản lý Dự án Xây dựng

Dưới đây tôi xin trích bài share trên mạng tìm hiểu về Quản lý dự án xây dựng để các bạn tham khảo thêm về Project Management: Chapter 1. The Owners' Perspective Chương 1 – Bức tranh dự án của Chủ đầu tư 1.1 Introduction Like the five blind men encountering different parts of an elephant, each of the numerous participants in the process of planning, designing, financing, constructing and operating physical facilities has a different perspective on project management for construction. Specialized knowledge can be very beneficial, particularly in large and complicated projects, since experts in various specialties can provide valuable services. However, it is advantageous to understand how the different parts of the process fit together. Waste, excessive cost and delays can result from poor coordination and communication among specialists. It is particularly in the interest of owners to insure that such problems do not occur. And it behooves all participants in the process to heed

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