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17 tháng 4, 2009

Một số ebook và tạp chí về Sản xuất tinh gọn

Handbook On Green Productivity (PDF File)

Asia Productivity Organization


Who should read this book?

You should! If you have an interest in improving productivity within your organization you will find ideas in this handbook to help. This book is written for those of you with a passion for learning, a dedication to a quality of life and an insatiable curiosity for doing better with less. You understand that we are in a race against the challenges that humans have created for ourselves by lowering the quality of the environment. In doing so we are working unproductively. If you want to seize the opportunity to lead change, this handbook is for you.”

Strategic Six Sigma - Best Practices from the Executive Suite (PDF File)

Dick Smith and Jerry Blakeslee



“If you think about Six Sigma as another quality program, then it deserves
as much intensity as all the other initiatives that can go on in a big
company. [But] to the degree that you see Six Sigma as a culture
changer—something that will profoundly affect the organization—then
by definition, it takes the passion and obsession of the CEO to make it
happen. We saw Six Sigma—and by the way we call it Raytheon Six
Sigma—as a way to profoundly change our culture, and therefore it
started with me and ends with me. I include language on it at almost
every meeting that I have, to the extent that people’s lips almost move
in synch with mine on this subject.”

Dan Burnham, Chairman and CEO
Raytheon Corporation

CLB Lean6Sigma - Bản tin số 7


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CLB Lean6Sigma - Bản tin số 6


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