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6 tháng 4, 2010

Phần mềm tính toán mất áp của đường ống DP

What is dP

 là một chương trình máy tính nhỏ gọn, dễ sử dụng giúp tính toán lượng mất áp qua hệ đường ống. Chương trình giúp xác định các thông số hệ sô Reynold, vận tốc dòng chảy, v.v...

dP (Delta P) or Pressure Drop, is a small and easy to use computer program that performs simple Pressure Drop Calculations for pipe work. It determines parameters such as Reynolds, Fluid velocity etcetera which are are presented in a clear fashion. The Pressure Drop calculation takes into account other components as well. It requests the user for input about bends, elbows and other appendages or equipment components, which induce extra pressure loss. The program represents the total resistance in terms of equivalent pipe length values.
In fluid mechanics, the Reynolds number (Re) is a dimensionless number that gives a measure of the ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces (µ/L).
The program is available in the English, Dutch and French language. Only SI (metric) units are supported


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